About Us

About Rider Musser Development

Incorporated on May 14, 2014, Rider Musser Development, LLC was formed to develop the Rider, Musser and Mummau tracts of land once owned by Messiah College and located in Mechanicsburg, Pa., Upper Allen Township. The purpose of this for-profit corporation is to create a new residential neighborhood and business park that will generate tax revenue and jobs, while enhancing the community by offering conveniences to local residents, as well as students and faculty of nearby Messiah College.

Our goal is to provide quality housing options to those who desire luxurious, maintenance-free living, and convenient banking, restaurant and other service-center oriented business alternatives to our community. Our aim is to provide an economic stimulus to Upper Allen Township and the Mechanicsburg region.

Building a Beautiful Community

Rider Musser Development, LLC is dedicated to developing beautiful and sustainable environments for business and residential communities. Our Oakwood Hills Development project will bring many benefits to the community. Click to learn more!


Our Seven Core Principles

  1. Honesty and Transparency…will always be our hallmark.
  2. Customer Satisfaction…will be a top priority.
  3. Continuous Improvement…will help us overcome the mistakes we will make.
  4. Environmentally Aware…designs, development and policies will be our goal.
  5. Decisive Action…will be a key characteristic of our company and board.
  6. Positive and Uplifting…living, work and office environments and policies will be enacted.
  7. Local and Regional Vendors…will be preferred.