Board of Directors


The Rider Musser Development Board Of Directors

Left to Right, Top to Bottom– Seated: Eunice Steinbrecher, Chairman, Laura Martin
Standing: Richard Jordan II (former member), Larry Bashore, Carl Lundblad (former member), David Foster
Not Pictured: Loretta Radanovic



Eunice Steinbrecher

Laura Martin

Larry Bashore

David Foster

Loretta Radanovic

Our Seven Core Principles

  1. Honesty and Transparency…will always be our hallmark.
  2. Customer Satisfaction…will be a top priority.
  3. Continuous Improvement…will help us overcome the mistakes we will make.
  4. Environmentally Aware…designs, development and policies will be our goal.
  5. Decisive Action…will be a key characteristic of our company and board.
  6. Positive and Uplifting…living, work and office environments and policies will be enacted.
  7. Local and Regional Vendors…will be preferred.