Benefits to Messiah College

Affiliation to Messiah College

Although Messiah College is our chief investor, we are a completely separate entity and will maintain an "arm’s length" relationship with the College. Our Board of Directors, internal leadership and staff will direct all day-to-day affairs, operations and decisions. However, Rider Musser Development, LLC will maintain ongoing communication and annual reporting to the College. We are not Messiah College, but it is in our best interest to develop this resource in a manner that has our community, environment and college neighbors in mind.


As a chief investor of the Oakwood Hills project, Messiah College is not only optimistic about reaping a positive return on investment, but also about providing its students with extraordinary social and educational experiences on the new Oakwood Hills site.

The Collaboratory at Messiah College, an organization providing students with real-world application of professional disciplines, is developing a design that will allow students to travel safely and efficiently from campus to the Oakwood Hills site.

The idea is to have beautiful walking and running trails that will connect Messiah College to the potential restaurants, bank and other businesses that will be available at Oakwood Hills. Students will be able to enjoy the commercial portion of the Oakwood Hills development while contributing to the financial success of the new site.

Additionally, Messiah College students will have the opportunity to play a part in protecting a portion of the undeveloped land by planting a wildlife reserve to encourage pollinators to flourish a healthy green space and to ensure a new generation of plants can be grown!

This past year, Rider Musser extended an internship to a Messiah College student, and plans to continue offering internships throughout the course of the Oakwood Hills Development to continue fostering the relationship with Messiah College and its students. These internships will not only provide hands-on job experience, but they will allow students to attain a better understanding of the logistics, planning and preparation that goes on in a large-scale development  project like Oakwood Hills.