Upper Allen Residents

Oakwood Hills Benefits for Upper Allen Township Residents

Rider Musser Development is proud to be a part of an exciting and community-beneficial development project that will not only provide beautiful, premier apartment rentals, but will also create an economic boost for the Upper Allen Township and the Mechanicsburg region.

Oakwood Hills is a community development project located between West Lisburn, Mill and Quail Hollow Roads in Mechanicsburg, Pa., Upper Allen Township. Oakwood Hills will feature beautifully designed premier apartment rentals, outdoor community spaces, and a boutique commercial area which will host businesses, restaurants, and a hotel.


How Will Upper Allen Township Residents Benefit Economically?

According to an economic impact study conducted by the Cumberland Area Economic Development Corporation, Oakwood Hills is estimated to create approximately 875 full-time employment positions and generate $41,561,852 in labor income.

The Oakwood Hills Development project is also projected to provide a significant amount of tax revenue specifically to Upper Allen Township.


How Will Upper Allen Township Residents Benefit As a Community?

One of the most coveted aspects of the Oakwood Hills Development project is the sense of community-belonging the completed indoor & outdoor structures will bring to Upper Allen Township.

Oakwood Hills will offer premier amenities including a clubhouse for residents, pool area, walking trails, open spaces, and parkland interspersed throughout the entire campus. The clubhouse will contain a resident lounge, fitness center, mobile hot spots and yoga room.

Other outdoor amenities include a deck area, fireplace, grilling/picnic areas, and dog park.


What Upper Allen Township Residents Need To Know

Any community development, construction project, or new building is a concern to residents in the area of that project. A way of life is threatened, inconvenience is a possibility, and questions arise: Will bright lights keep me awake? Will traffic be overwhelming? What provisions have been made to direct water away from me?

Oakwood Hills is a large development. We know that. But Rider Musser Development also wants all residents to understand these points as well:

• We are not an out-of-town or out-of-state development company building a development to sell. We live on the land we are developing. We are here to stay and we have a vested interested in the quality and character of what we develop. We have put tremendous care all along the way to ensure that Oakwood Hills is developed in a sustainable, environmentally sensitive and nonintrusive way.

• Make no mistake: this is a large development project. There will be changes to this land, but the commitment of Rider Musser Development is that those changes will be of minimal disruption or inconvenience to Upper Allen residents. A great deal of attention has been paid to preserving green space, minimal traffic disruption, and improving the water run-off situation which has plagued some residents for many years.

• And our primary goal is that the resulting community we build will actually enhance the lives of Upper Allen township residents, and satisfy the concerns of all land owners and neighbors.

Please visit our FAQ page for more answers on the Oakwood Hills project. If you don’t see your question, or don’t understand an answer, use our contact form to speak with us personally!

Our Seven Core Principles

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